Cheese is our specialty! Sofo Foods has the largest selection of cheese blends for pizza, specialty blends, sliced for sandwiches, grated, block and gourmet varieties. Misto D'oro is our signature blend! This secret blend of cheeses is the most sought after pizza blend in the industry. It has a uniquely rich flavor profile that has become legendary in the Midwest. Wait until you see what it does on pizza! Misto D'oro true to its name (the golden blend) melts to the perfect texture and beautiful golden color. In addition to Misto D'oro here's a list of some other popular brands we stock

  • Grande
  • Saputo
  • Leprino
  • Burnett

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Sofo Foods bread category has been carefully curated to include the highest quality, best value and widest selection of breads anywhere. Whether you're in need of a fully baked, partially baked or frozen dough, we have something for you. Are you looking for a regional specialty roll or have something else in mind. Your Sofo Foods Account Manager or Inside Account Manager can help you select the perfect bun. Here are a few of the brands and products we stock.

  • Bellissimo is our largest selection
  • Costanzo's 
  • Amoroso's
  • Turano
  • Ace Bakery
  • Gonnella
  • Gina

Sofo Foods stocks a wide variety of appetizers, all designed to help our customers increase sales and boost their bottom line. Our appetizer category features brands like McCain’s, Anchor, Cavendish, Lake Erie, La Nova and Bellissimo.We also stock a large selection of Frito Lay and gourmet snack products. There is a product for every type of restaurant and nearly every type of cooking options. Since we service so many pizzerias, we stock a large selection of oven-friendly options. Your Sofo Foods Account Manager can help you select an appetizer that will meet your needs.   

  • French fries
  • Onion rings
  • Breaded and battered cheese
  • Breaded and battered vegetables
  • Chicken wings and chunks
  • Potato chips, tortilla chips and other snacks



Sofo Foods Return Policy

At delivery, we guarantee 100% satisfaction on every item that our customer service representative (driver) is delivering to your establishment.  Our driver will verify that the number of cases per item agrees with your invoice.  At any time during your delivery you are unsatisfied with the product being delivered please let our driver know and they will return the product back to our warehouse and mark the invoice for adjustment.

After delivery our product returns are limited to these guidelines:

  • Time limit on reporting  product returns


Fresh milk

At delivery time only/within 24 hours for key stop

Fresh meat, poultry and seafood

At delivery time only/within 24 hours for key stop

Fresh produce

At delivery time only/within 24 hours for key stop

Perishable food items

At delivery time only/within 24 hours for key stop


48 hours from delivery

Dry food items

7 days from delivery

Frozen food items

7 days from delivery

Non-Food items

14 days from delivery



All items must be returned in their original case and in their original state as delivered (a refrigerated item cannot be returned if it has been frozen or vice versa)

Partial case credits will not be approved if sold as a full case.  This excludes damaged items.

Special order items have been purchased especially for you by your request.  Because they cannot be resold, they are not returnable except when damaged or of questionable quality at time of delivery.

Sofo Foods utilizes a computer generated pickup document for all product returns.  As such, product returns must be communicated to an authorized sales associate of Sofo Foods prior to your delivery.  If you do not call in your return our driver will not be able to pick the product up and credit will not be issued.

Sofo Foods purpose is to serve our customers with the highest quality foodservice products.All of our vendors are carefully selected and chosen based on their proven track record of dependable quality.In the event there is a quality issue with a product, please have the following information for your sales associate at the time of requesting a pick up:







    • Packaging
    • Special order items
    • Pickup documentation
    • Quality Assurance
    1. Item code
    2. Item description
    3. Number of cases being requested for pickup
    4. Original invoice number that product was delivered from
    5. Stated reason or objection of product
    6. Vendor item code (if possible)