• Don't Forget the Foil!
    Don't Forget the Foil!

    Sofo Foods stocks disposables for every menu application

  • PanaPesca Breaded Calamari
    PanaPesca Breaded Calamari

    PanaPesca Breaded Calamari for appetizer or entree!

  • PanaPesca Breaded Calamari Strips
    PanaPesca Breaded Calamari Strips

    A New Way to Serve Calamari!

  • Bellissimo Perfect Desserts
    Bellissimo Perfect Desserts

    Desserts worth every bite!

  • Bellissimo Philly Steaks
    Bellissimo Philly Steaks

    Authentic Philly style steaks

  • Decadent Desserts
    Decadent Desserts

    Bellissimo Perfect Desserts

  • Bellissimo Sub Rolls
    Bellissimo Sub Rolls

    The largest selection of sub rolls anywhere!

  • Soups?! Yes We Have Soup!
    Soups?! Yes We Have Soup!

    Soups?! Yes We Have Soup!

  • Creamy Ricotta
    Creamy Ricotta

    Ricotta in a variety of styles...New York, Impastata, Sopraffina and Dolce

Sofo Foods offers a variety of high quality house branded products including Altissima and Misto D'oro.Our national Bellissimo brands include Bellissimo, Vantaggio, Vantaggio D’Oro, Spendida, Tolibia and Tesoro. All of these specialty brands are dedicated to creating the world’s best authentic Italian and Mediterranean foods. 

Bellissimo quality products are the world’s best internationally sourced ingredients. Bellissimo products range from cheese, meat toppings, and tomatoes, to cleaning supplies and disposables.
Vantaggio D’Oro delivers the best quality in premium cheese for your pizza. Superior melting and stretch characteristics are complemented by traditional Mozzarella flavor. D’Oro melts faster under a wide variety of conditions and reheats beautifully.
Vantaggio cheese is Wisconsin’s best, dedicated to providing you with the finest Mozzarella and Provolone for your signature pizzas and Italian dishes. Its traditional flavor and superior melt, stretch and consistency have made Vantaggio a favorite among operators across the country.
Spendida is a great value priced alternative to our Bellissimo brand. Spendida offers consistent quality and flavor, while saving you money.
Tolibia brand represents our specialty cheeses, including feta, gorgonzola, blue cheese, ricotta, etc. Tolibia delivers excellent flavor and consistent quality for all of your specialty cheese needs
Misto d'oro is Italian for the golden blend. This top secret blend of cheeses was created to be the perfect pizza cheese blend. It's name comes from the beautiful golden color created when it melts. 
We only put our name on the very best! You'll find the Sofo label on a variety of high quality products like cheese, deli meats, our famous meatballs and so much more.
If you only want the highest quality products money can buy, then look no further than Altissima Qualita. Products under the Altissima label have been carefully selected to be the very best. 
Belmont Dairy cheeses come in a variety of block cheeses and cheese blends. 
Don't sacrifice quality to keep your food costs down. Tesoro branded products feature high quality at competitive pricing.