Sofo Foods is a family and our hearts go out to the family members from our Houston Distribution Center.  But as we’ve seen – the worst in Mother Nature brings out the best in human nature. Our pride also swells from the family we have in our other Distribution Centers.  The prayers, financial contributions, and concerns they share are palpable- for everyone in Houston.

We have many customers as part of our family as well.  Customers who have been deeply impacted by this hurricane.

And so, as we always do, we strive to protect our people and serve our customers and the community they are in.  Brave, volunteer drivers, from our Toledo DC are loaded up with food so desperately needed in this area.  Many of our customers are donating this food to volunteers working in Houston.

There is a huge cascading effect like we’ve seen throughout America – of everyone pulling together to do their part to get through this.

Last week Sofo Foods employees rolled up their sleeves to donate blood.  This week we’re rolling up our sleeves to help again, as we will always do.  We will continue these efforts for as long as it takes.  

We’re concerned for our fellow Americans in Houston and proud of everyone who has stepped up to help! 

Please keep everyone affected by this, and all those stepping up to help, in your thoughts and prayers.