At Sofo Foods we strive to bring our customers the best products, quality service and value added benefits. A big part of providing you with value added benefits is helping you to grow your business. If you need tips on how to grow your business, Burke Corp. has an AWESOME blog for you to check out. Here are just 10 reasons why you need to read this blog now:

  1. Industry Trends - what is hot in our industry now
  2. Menu Ideas - countless ideas for creating new menu ideas from items you already purchase
  3. Recipes - get creative recipes with step by step instructions
  4. Social Media - how to utilize social media
  5. Food Safety - what you need to know to keep your customers and your business safe
  6. Marketing - help with marketing your business
  7. News - current events that impact your business
  8. Profits - how to maximize your profits
  9. Toppings Portion Control Guide - Burke's official guide of how much of each topping you really need to put on your pizzas
  10. Raising Prices - why you need to raise your prices