• Sous Vide is Here!
    Sous Vide is Here!

    Sous Vide Chicken is the most tender, fully cooked chicken breast available. It's full of flavor and easy to use. Just heat and eat.

  • Bellissimo Chicken
    Bellissimo Chicken

    Bellissimo chicken is available in fully cooked wings, tenders, fajita, patties and chunks.

  • Fajita

    Chicken fajita is one of the most versatile products. Use it on pizza, salads, sandwiches and appetizers

  • Fresh Chicken
    Fresh Chicken

    A large selection of fresh chicken is available

Sofo Foods has a chicken category that includes all types of fresh, frozen, raw and fully cooked products from all of your favorite brands. 

  • Bellissimo
  • Tyson
  • La Nova 
  • Pierce