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Sofo Foods maintains top scores in annual AIB audits

  • AIB audits are accepted world-wide as a proven foundation for food safety programs.SFO Receiving Dock

  • AIB has been one of the forerunners of food safety education since 1919.

  • The AIB conducts extensive audits for safety, cleanliness and product traceability at Sofo Foods.

  • Sofo Foods has maintained high AIB scores since 2013.

What AIB Participation Means to You:

  • The AIB and Sofo Foods are committed to protect the food supply chain to reduce your/our business risk.

  • Our shipping and receiving personnel are trained to spot contamination issues and damaged product.

  • The flour in our facility must pass a black light test before entering our warehouse.

  • Sofo Foods has a HACCP Food Safety Plan

  • We have recall and traceability procedures in place, so that all products can be traced back to their point of origin.

  • We are prepared to quickly handle any recall issues.

  • We conduct 2 mock recall drills per year to test our preparedness in the event of an emergency.